The Pilates Practice specializes in Classical Pilates training. We offer private one on one training sessions, semi-private training and small group sessions on the Pilates Apparatus (Reformer, Tower, Chair & Barrels) as well as Mat and Barre classes. 

Sessions: All 55 minute sessions are by appointment only and are taught by one of our certified Pilates trainers. 

A private session: is a one-on-one session that utilizes all Pilates apparatus and incorporates mat work. You will receive 100% of your instructor's attention and together you will work towards attaining your fitness and wellness goals.

Semi-private sessions (Duets, Trios & Quads): Semi-private sessions are designed for people who enjoy Pilates training with peers of like abilities. Start your Pilates practice with a friend or let us pair you up. We will create a duet, trio or quad that works with your level of experience and your schedule. Once you join a group your attendance is expected weekly to keep you accountable and to keep the entire group progressing at a steady rate. Group sessions incorporate the Reformer, Mat, Tower, Chair and Barrels.

If you are interested in joining one of our existing weekly semi-private groups (not listed on the schedule) please contact the studio directly via email to be paired with students of like abilities. 

Classes: Our class sizes remain small to provide individualized instruction to each student. 

Classical Pilates Mat is what we practice. The Pilates mat work relies on body weight and gravity and contains some of the most challenging exercises in the system. We will work with you where you are in your practice progressing you at your own pace, beginner to advanced. 

Barre Classes strengthen, lengthen and tone the entire body. The body is challenged with small isometric exercises performed at the ballet barre combined with center work to challenge balance and stability. Drawing on Pilates principles, with a focus on form, our barre classes get results and our instructors keep you motivated until the last track plays.