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Experience the positive effects Pilates can have on overall health, fitness and athletic performance. Visit our Foxboro studio where our certified instructors will customize a Pilates program to fit your needs and goals. Our studio is outfitted with authentic Pilates Designs by Basil equipment and our instructors maintain the highest levels of Pilates training.

The Pilates Practice specializes in Classical Pilates training. We offer private one on one training sessions, semi-private training and small group sessions on all Pilates Apparatus (Reformer, Tower, Chair & Barrels) as well as Mat and Barre classes. 

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You apply Pilates in everyday life, like how you sit, how you walk. You’ve heard a lot of people complain about back problems; it is because these people walk incorrectly with the last vertebra of their tailbone. They stick it out instead of pulling it in and down.

— Romana Kryzanowska